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Latest Vacancies

Job TitleCategorySalaryPostedClose DateApplyFavourites
Social WorkerHealth & Social Care£32,798 - £36,371 (Grade I)9/2710/12Apply for Social Worker
Quality and Performance OfficerFinance£25,927 - £30,095 (Grade G)9/2710/12Apply for Quality and Performance Officer
Administrative Officer - Gorslas Primary SchoolAdministration/Business Support£20,436 - £21,261 (Grade D) inclusive9/2710/15Apply for Administrative Officer - Gorslas Primary School
School Business Manager - Coedcae SchoolFinance£40,578 - £44,624 (Grade K)9/2710/9Apply for School Business Manager - Coedcae School
Kitchen AssistantCatering£19,100 (Grade B) inclusive of Real Liv9/2710/12Apply for Kitchen Assistant
Cleaner - Parcyrhun SchoolCleaning/Caretaking£19,100 - £19,257 (Grade A) inclusive9/2610/9Apply for Cleaner - Parcyrhun School
Cleaner - Ysgol Dyffryn AmanCleaning/Caretaking£19,100 - £19,257 (Grade A) inclusive9/2610/9Apply for Cleaner - Ysgol Dyffryn Aman
Cleaner - Ysgol LlangunnorCleaning/Caretaking£19,100* - £19,257 (Grade A) inclusive9/2610/5Apply for Cleaner - Ysgol Llangunnor
Teaching Assistant Level 1 (SEN) - Pwll Primary SchoolEducation & Children£20,436 - £21,261 (Grade D) inclusive9/2610/12Apply for Teaching Assistant Level 1 (SEN) - Pwll Primary School
Teaching Assistant Level 3 (SEN) - Pwll Primary SchoolEducation & Children£23,474 - £27,504 (Grade F) inclusive9/2610/12Apply for Teaching Assistant Level 3 (SEN) - Pwll Primary School
Business Support AdministratorAdministration/Business Support£19,650 - £20,444 (Grade D)9/2610/18Apply for Business Support Administrator
Activity LeaderSports & Leisure£22,079 - £25,363 (Grade E) Inclusive9/2610/4Apply for Activity Leader
Paralegal TraineeLegal£20,444 - £23,484 (Grade E)9/2610/11Apply for Paralegal Trainee
Cleaner - Bancyfelin SchoolCleaning/Caretaking£19,100 - £19,257 (Grade A) inclusive9/2610/5Apply for Cleaner - Bancyfelin School
Makerspace Apprentice Level 4 SystemsApprenticeship£16,2199/2610/9Apply for Makerspace Apprentice Level 4 Systems
Enterprise LeadLearning and Development£25,927 - £30,095 (Grade G)9/2610/9Apply for Enterprise Lead
Cleaner - Y BedolCleaning/Caretaking£19,100 - £19,257 (Grade A) inclusive9/2610/9Apply for Cleaner - Y Bedol
Transforming Towns Project OfficerProject Management/Co-ordination£25,927 - £30,095 (Grade G)9/2610/16Apply for Transforming Towns Project Officer
Social WorkerSocial Work Practitioners£32,798 - £36,371 (Grade I)9/2610/16Apply for Social Worker
Housing Hwb Support WorkerHousing£25,927 - £30,095 (Grade G)9/2310/2Apply for Housing Hwb Support Worker
Assistant Team ManagerSocial Work Practitioners£40,578 - £44,624 (Grade K)9/2310/9Apply for Assistant Team Manager
Cleaner - Model SchoolCleaning/Caretaking£19,100 - £19,257 (Grade A) inclusive9/2310/5Apply for Cleaner - Model School
CashierFinance£19,650 - £20,444 (Grade D)9/2310/16Apply for Cashier
Caretaker - Ysgol Dewi SantCleaning/Caretaking£20,436 - £21,261 (Grade D) inclusive9/2310/2Apply for Caretaker - Ysgol Dewi Sant
Community Benefits OfficerAudit and Procurement£29,174 - £33,486 (Grade H)9/2310/9Apply for Community Benefits Officer
Teaching Assistant Level 3 - PontyberemSchools Non-Teaching£21,261 - £24,423 (Grade E) inclusive9/2310/3Apply for Teaching Assistant  Level 3 - Pontyberem
Support WorkerHealth & Social Care£19,650 - £20,444 (Grade D)9/2310/16Apply for Support Worker
Supply Chain OfficerProject Management/Co-ordination£25,927 - £30,095 (Grade G)9/2310/9Apply for Supply Chain Officer
Box Office AssistantTheatres£19,100 (Grade B) inclusive of Real Liv9/2310/9Apply for Box Office Assistant
Housing Advice LeadHousing£40,577 - £44,624 (Grade K)9/2310/2Apply for Housing Advice Lead
Youth KIT WorkerYouth Services£19,650 - £20,444 (Grade D)9/2210/5Apply for Youth KIT Worker
Attendant - Carmarthen Leisure CentreSports & Leisure£19,650 - £20,444 (Grade D) Pro-rata9/2210/9Apply for Attendant - Carmarthen Leisure Centre
Administrative Assistant - Ysgol Bro BanwAdministration/Business Support£19,100 - £19,257 (Grade A) inclusive9/2210/5Apply for Administrative Assistant - Ysgol Bro Banw
Administrative Assistant - Llandeilo SchoolAdministration/Business Support£19,257 - £19,642 (Grade B) inclusive9/2210/9Apply for Administrative Assistant - Llandeilo School
Cleaner - Ysgol Gyfun EmlynCleaning/Caretaking£19,100 - £19,257 (Grade A) inclusive9/2210/5Apply for Cleaner - Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn
Breakfast Supervisor - Myrddin Special UnitSchools Non-Teaching£19,100 - £19,257 (Grade A) inclusive9/2210/9Apply for Breakfast Supervisor - Myrddin Special Unit
Finance Officer - Ysgol Dyffryn TafFinance£19,650 - £20,444 (Grade D) Pro-rata9/2210/9Apply for Finance Officer - Ysgol Dyffryn Taf
Lunchtime Supervisor - Llanmiloe SchoolSchools Non-Teaching£19,100 - £19,257 (Grade A) inclusive9/2210/9Apply for Lunchtime Supervisor - Llanmiloe School
Lunchtime Supervisor - Model SchoolSchools Non-Teaching£19,100 - £19,257 (Grade A) inclusive9/2210/9Apply for Lunchtime Supervisor - Model School
Teaching Assistant Level 1- Ysgol Y DderwenSchools Non-Teaching£19,257 - £19,642 (Grade B) inclusive9/2210/6Apply for Teaching Assistant Level 1- Ysgol Y Dderwen
Teaching Assistant Level 2 - Ysgol Y DderwenSchools Non-Teaching£20,436 - £21,261 (Grade D) inclusive9/2210/6Apply for Teaching Assistant Level 2 - Ysgol Y Dderwen
Breakfast Supervisor - BrynsaronSchools Non-Teaching£19,100 - £19,257 (Grade A) inclusive9/2210/9Apply for Breakfast Supervisor - Brynsaron
Cleaner - Y Ddwylan SchoolCleaning/Caretaking£19,100 - £19,257 (Grade A) inclusive9/2210/2Apply for Cleaner - Y Ddwylan School
Digital Programme CoordinatorDigital/ICT£29,174 - £33,486 (Grade H)9/2210/2Apply for Digital Programme Coordinator
Breakfast Supervisor - Model VAP SchoolEducation & Children£19,100* - £19,257 (Grade A) inclusive9/2210/9Apply for Breakfast Supervisor - Model VAP School
Senior Advisor (Health and Safety)Management£36,371 - £40,578 (Grade J)9/2110/12Apply for Senior Advisor (Health and Safety)
Business Support AssistantAdministration/Business Support£19,100 - £19,650 (Grade C) inclusive9/2110/9Apply for Business Support Assistant
Business Support AssistantAdministration/Business Support£19,100 - £19,650 (Grade C) inclusive9/2110/9Apply for Business Support Assistant
Cleaner (Temporary and Casual)Cleaning/Caretaking£19,100 (Grade A) inclusive of Real Liv9/2110/2Apply for Cleaner (Temporary and Casual)
Apprenticeship Opportunities - Business AdministrationAdministration/Business Support£12,827 (MODAPP)9/2110/12Apply for Apprenticeship Opportunities - Business Administration

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