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Operations Manager - Canine Services

Vacancy Details

Salary: Competitive
Location: Canine - Mobile
Region: London
Vacancy Group: Dog Handling
Date Posted: 05/10/2021
Reference: 11452


Job Description Operations Manager Canine Services

Reports to - Head of Canine Services

Place of Work- Farndish and All Canine Deployments

Operational Duties


1.       Supervise staff operationally including freelancers
2.       Carry out performance reviews
3.       Identify training needs and arrange for appropriate training
4.       Address unsatisfactory performance issues and disciplinary matters
5.       Carry out welfare checks on staff and dogs.
6.       Monitor sickness and absences in line with ICTS procedures
7.       Deal with any grievances
8.       Assist in the selection and recruitment of staff.
9.       Rostering duties.


1.       Monitor and report on operational performance of staff and dogs

Health and Safety
1.       Conduct Risk Assessments
2.       Monitor compliance with health and safety policy and risk assessments. Address any issues and prepare reports where required.
3.       Monitor welfare facilities and needs of staff
4.       Provide first aid where required.
5.       Ensure compliance with RIDDOR and prepare reports where required

Customer Care

1.       Carryout site visits and liaise with clients
2.       Prepare and deliver deployment reports
3.       Provide specialist knowledge, advice, and intelligence.
4.       Prepare and monitor compliance o assignment instructions.
5.       Deliver appropriate resources for deployments.
6.       Preparation of invoices linked to resources delivered

Animal Welfare 
1.       Ensure compliance with all animal welfare legislation and BS 8517 parts 1 and 2.
2.       Monitor care provided at boarding kennels, facilities provided on client sites and staff home kennelling.
3.       Liaise with veterinary providers as required
4.       Monitor preventative treatment programs
5.       Monitor equipment condition 
6.       Monitor fitness to work program

1.       Manage and monitor vehicle fleet for canine services
2.       Deal with petty cash claims
3.       Identify requirements for accommodation for deployments and arrange provision.
4.       Manage annual leave applications and monitor usage.

Person Specifications                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
•         Excellent English oral and written communication skills
•         Good inter-personal skills
•         Ability to work flexible hours
•         Ability to work under pressure and conditions of uncertainty
•         Ability to prioritise work, to observe timetables and to meet deadlines 
•         Ability to house dogs at home address
•         Ability to transport dogs to work
•         Ability to identify performance issues in dogs
•         Ability to work as part of a team
•         Ability to work away from home if required

•         Integrity, reliability, honesty
•         Self-disciplined - able to work without supervision
•         Able to work on own initiative
•         Open minded, desire to learn
•         Physically able to perform the role
•         ‘Leading by example’ approach to deployments
•         Tidy, organised
•         Presentable

•         Experience of working dogs in a variety of disciplines.
•         Experience in management role.
•         Experience within the security and/or manned guarding industry an advantage but not essential.
•         Compiling and presenting reports

Qualifications (Essential)
•         SIA Door supervisor licence 
•         Full, driving licence. 
•         Minimum level 3 Trainers qualification
•         NASDU Accredited trainer levels 2,3,4 as a minimum
•         Experience in training of dogs for Explosive, Drugs and Patrol functions

Other Criteria
•         Checkable background - at least 10 years. Capable of passing DBS and CTC checks.

Additional Duties (optional)

•         Potentially operate and handle an ICTS Explosive Search Dogs (optional)
•         This includes off duty care and housing at the handler’s home address
•         Provide feeding, grooming, veterinary and welfare needs in compliance with animal welfare legislation
•         Transportation of dogs and self to deployments and training.
•         Supervision and control of the dogs in compliance with legislation and BS8517.
•         Evaluation and reporting of dog’s performance
•         High profile proactive patrols with dogs
•         Response to requests for dog and handler searches and investigation of unattended items.
•         Provision of specialist advice where appropriate 
•         Promotion of security procedures.
•         Compliance with ICTS Health and safety policies, procedures, and risk assessments
•         Compliance with ICTS and client assignment instructions

Contact 1
Contact Name: Kerry Louw
Email Address:

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