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Janitor Position

Vacancy Details

Salary: £11.05 / Hour
Location: College of NW London, Willesden
Region: London
Vacancy Group: Operational Security
Date Posted: 06/06/2022
Reference: 11878


We are looking for a competent Janitor/ Caretaker to undertake the minor maintenance jobs in our campuses and work as part of the facilities department to better the life experience on campus for our students, staff and visitors. Janitors keep our schools clean, safe, and in mint condition. In addition to their operative skills, top janitors are motivated, responsible, independent, and have strong time management skills.

Janitor qualities:

  • Works well independently and has strong time management skills.
  • Follows written and verbal instructions from the head janitor.
  • Collaborates with other janitors and maintenance workers as needed.
  • Handles the physical demands of the job, including standing and walking for most of the shift, bending, climbing, and lifting at least 20 kilograms.

The goal is to help the company in maintaining excellent working conditions by keeping our facilities safe and problem-free.


·      Fill in toilet rolls in all toilets in the morning

·      Sweep the front of the building in the morning

·      Empty the rubbish bins at the front of the building in the morning

·      Attends to staff call in classrooms, if they require furniture to be remove or change positions

·      Partition classrooms during examinations

·      Collect deliveries for centre service at the loading bay

·      Check emails to see if any work required in the building

In order to apply for this vacancy, you must be able to supply the required answers to the following questions:

  • Do you have a valid Door Supervisor (DS) or Security Guarding (SG) SIA licence?
  • Can you provide original evidence of your right to work within the UK?

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